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Online Inductions web

Speak Safety in
Every Language

Revolutionise site safety with MSite's new
intuitive and multilingual Online Inductions.

Elevate Your Inductions Experience

Uploading PowerPoint slides directly into MSite's inductions platform enhances training efficiency and consistency. 

Simplifying the integration of your existing onboarding material by maintaining uniformity in messaging and branding across inductions. It saves time by eliminating the need to reformat presentations and leverages the familiar PowerPoint format. MSite is the only system of its kind to combine Powerpoint conversion and automatic translation to transform the process of going online with your site inductions.

Online Inductions Slide Upload

25+ Languages

Translation of your site inductions into more than 25 languages automatically. 

Automatic translation of induction materials ensures all employees, regardless of language, access essential
training and safety information, promoting safety, understanding and inclusivity in the workplace.

Create courses

Create comprehensive induction materials based on company, site, trade, and contractor specifics, as well as role-specific inductions for your workers. By having them complete these materials before their arrival on site, you ensure a workforce that is well-prepared, informed, and properly inducted.


Easy upload

Effortlessly upload PowerPoint slides, PDFs, images, and videos directly onto MSite's Induction Building Platform for streamlined content management.


Drag and drop

Enhance your inductions by precisely customising them for different site requirements with the integrated MSite course editor. Add and modify questions, videos, images, PDFs and PowerPoint slides directly within MSite.


Translate automatically

Enhance on-site compliance and safety by automatically translating your inductions into over 25 + languages, enabling you to accommodate a more diverse and multilingual workforce.

Deliver inductions
in 25+ languages

Completing an online induction prior to arrival on site equips workers with essential knowledge and safety protocols, ensuring they are well-prepared and can contribute effectively from day one.


Maximise your team's efficiency

It's vital to have a prepared team. Our Online Inductions platform enables workers to complete necessary inductions, maintaining compliance before starting on site. 

Online Inductions web

Save Time & Money

By delivering inductions online, on a worker’s first day you can run a shorter site orientation (which they can book through MSite).

Easy to Use

MSite Inductions is easy to use. Once the worker receives an invitation, they follow step-by-step instructions to complete the course.

Record of Induction

Check workers have completed their online induction, and view proof of completion in our MSite platform.

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Streamline workforce management with MSite. Ensure every team member is known, verified, and inducted while simplifying reporting for site teams. The smartest way to manage your workforce.

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