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Embracing the
Digital Frontier

Your part in transforming construction sites through data driven decision making.

Elevating Workforce Efficiency.

MSite provides tailored solutions that build connections to drive safety and productivity for your workforce.

Blending both hardware and software to create easy to use management systems that put workforce data at the forefront. This ensures that Morgan Sindall gain unparalleled insights and complete transparency over their project operations.

From modern slavery and social value to carbon footprint and health and safety compliance, MSite empowers contractors to meet their obligations efficiently. By digitising manual tasks, MSite saves significant administrative time and reduce paper usage, boosting site productivity and ensuring consistent compliance throughout a project's lifecycle.
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Streamline workforce management with MSite. Ensure every team member is known, verified, and inducted while simplifying reporting for site teams. The smartest way to manage your workforce.

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Morgan Sindall in numbers:


Pre-registered Workers




Total Hours Worked On-Site


Hours Saved

MSite & Morgan Sindall Group

MSite enhances data transparency by providing detailed reporting, which facilities accurate insights, empowering Morgan Sindall Group's digital transformation.
To simplify our reporting we've split the aspects of site we cover into 3 core areas:


Processes and activities undertaken before attending site.


Processes and activities undertaken on arrival to site


An overview providing management reports and insights

MSite reports on worker activity at two different stages: Pre-Site and On-Site. This enables the reporting and analytic In-Sites for decision makers, empowering: consistent, accurate & timely data, visibility of projects, standardisation and better planning & execution.
Value through In-Sights & Analytics

By providing accurate, real-time data on worker's accreditation, qualifications, right to work credentials and enrolment status. We are able to ensure only qualified personnel are on-site, reducing accident risks and meeting strict regulations.

Quick access to this data is crucial in emergencies, potentially saving lives. MSite also keeps the site secure by monitoring who is on site and what activity they are undertaking, preventing unauthorised access and reducing the risk of potential incidents. Essentially, MSite is vital for safely and effectively managing construction sites, keeping them compliant and secure.
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Connecting the data

The MSite Digital Worker engages with both the software and hardware while conducting a days work on site.

The data captured from worker activities facilitates On-Site reporting of their activities. This provides insights and analytics which enable data driven decision making.

The MSite Worker Journey

3D Digital Worker Journey

Worker Activity Timeline

Digital workers engage with both the software and hardware to facilitate reporting on site and insights. Here's a timeline of their typical interactions:

At home, online induction

Workers will be invited via email to complete their Online Induction once they have created a profile they will need to fill out the necessary information in to their MSite account. This includes any Right to Work documentation, CSCS Card validation, visas and work permits.


Pre-site enrolment

Once the worker has registered their MSite account they will be asked to complete a mandatory induction that they must pass to be allowed access on to site.


Arrive on site

Using either Pod with Face, Face Mini or MSite App, the digital workers first transaction of the day will be ‘clocking’ them into site at the start of the shift. This may also be physically giving them access if an access point has been installed.


Start of Shift Briefing

Before work commences on site, the start of shift briefing (that has been pre-populated in MSite) can be delivered through the Supervisor App, and the subsequent attendance recorded via Face Recognition.

Right person, right place at the right time

Should the competencies of a worker need to be checked for any reason e.g to confirm training for a specific task, the workers face can be scanned via the Face Mini or the Supervisor App, revealing a full list of accreditations assigned to that worker.


Strength in Numbers

Empower your data driven decision making on site with detailed: site attendance, time and attendance, roll call, briefing and ESG reporting with detailed automatic dashboards and reports.


Hear from our customers

Discover the transformative power of MSite's digital workers, software, and hardware solutions for construction sites by visiting our Case Studies page. Learn from real success stories how our data led approach boosts productivity and sites time.